Why do we need cryptocurrency

Why should we all be looking at buying cryptocurrency?

I’ve been buying cryptocurrency since 2014 and I’m still buying cryptocurrency every two weeks now…and even more, when the price drops down!

You see, I follow the old motto of buying the dips.

That’s a definite buying opportunity.

I consistently buy cryptocurrency…but…why should we STILL be buying cryptocurrency?

That’s because our current currency is being created at such a rapid pace, its called “helicopter drop money” now, not quantitative easing. Trillions are being thrown into economies this way and this is going to result in hyperinflation.

Also, Bloomberg, a major new channel, operating in 170 countries, has launched a new report on cryptocurrency.

The very organizations who had been saying for years that Cryptocurrencies are not going to last, are now calling Cryptocurrency digital gold.

Bloomberg’s report goes on to mention that Bitcoin has the upper hand vs the Crypto market like Gold vs Commodities.

The firm sees bitcoin breaking away from other cryptocurrencies and says the digital currency has increasingly favorable fundamentals and technicals. Bloomberg says that the same forces pushing gold higher also support bitcoin and that the coronavirus is accelerating bitcoin’s maturity relative to the stock market. Bitcoin is also outperforming the Nasdaq.

The study covers other immensely positive projections for cryptocurrency.

I LOVE THIS! HOW CRAZY IS THIS! FINALLY…THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH! (Something I knew back in 2014 when I started to buy Bitcoin and that is…this stuff is our future money!)

You can find the link for the article here.


What does this mean for us?

The cyclical law of nature suggests that as one market goes up, the other market comes down. The name of the game, which is my Plan G, which I’m bringing to you guys is that we get in markets that are undervalued — such as Cryptocurrency and cash in when everyone else piles in and pushes the prices sky-high. ( We had a little taster of that in the Crypto market back between Oct-Dec 2017!)

From Day 1, I’ve maintained that its gotta include Cryptocurrency.

Now, even mainstream finance publications like Bloomberg have validated that now. Bitcoin is kicking the butts of stock markets in the United States along with stocks of oil companies. Bitcoin is scheduled to extend beyond $10,000 this year.

It’s only a matter of time before people start losing faith in this paper money market. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is the future. Trillions are being created every year with over three trillion dollars in the month of March alone!

That is why it’s extremely important that we try and understand Cryptocurrency, its intricacies, and how it works — so we are way ahead of the game!

My friend who is a financial analyst texted me recently and forwarded me the Bloomberg report…I told him that I envisioned this years ago because this is the future and this is the type of financial investment that we need to be looking at 24X7.

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